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Welcome to the Charie Family site

The site, launched in February 2005, traces the history of the CHARIE family in the UK from the first so far discovered ancestor, Claudius, tree 1, who lived in London in the 18th Century, to the present day.

Branches of the UK family that emigrated to Canada and South Africa are included, as are more recent emigrations to the USA and Australia, but occurrences of the Charie name outside the UK are not included if a link to the UK family cannot be established.

The index and the family tree are largely complete - 9 trees covering the various branches. All Charie family members are coded, the letter being the generation and the codes are usually live links to take you to the relevant tree page.

The record is not comprehensive, it never can be and there must be errors, there always will be. The site is still evolving, if anyone can help with suggestions, additional information, or correct errors, then the contribution is very welcome. Just email via the link.

Your help is always welcome to help me keep the family site up-to date.

Harry Charie
1930 - 2016
- Almost all of the research into the Charie family was done by Harry over several decades.
He compiled the archive used as a basis for this site and wrote the two definitive books on the family - the first in 1985 "Our Family Tree" and then the Millennium update in 1999.
Those with an interest in the Charie name will be forever in his debt.

Foreword by Harry


Keith Charie--

- Present keeper, started the website